Stockholm Insights: For Reds, By Reds.

“…there’ll be thousands of Reds, we will be pissed out our heads, ’cause United are going to Stockholm.”

That’s how the famous chant has been going since we dreamed of winning a European Cup in Glasgow in 2002. The big difference between then and now is that Manchester United are now in the final of a European competition, we once considered to be reserved for smaller clubs like Fulham and Liverpool.

The Phoneographer Explores: One day in Stockholm at Spring

  This day last year, myself and my wife went for a walk around the island of Kungsholmen, in Stockholm, as it really felt like the first day of spring. When I look out my window today, I can see that spring will be here a few days later this year, but it is certainly on its way.  Here’s to a beautiful spring time and a wonderful year in general. […]

One year in Sweden

It was this weekend last year that I packed my bags and moved to Sweden. During this past year I have spent most of my time in Stockholm, where I have met many great people and built some lifelong friendships. In addition to that, I have noticed that Sweden and the great people that inhabit this beautiful country are just a little bit different in every way. Thus, what follows […]

The Phoneographer Explores: PowerMeet

The Biggest American car show in the world decends upon in Västerås, Sweden in July of every year and this is a spectacle to behold. Every year attracts more cars, more people, and, of course, more horsepower. Over 20.000 cars road the streets of this picturesque city, with Street Rods, Customs, 50′s cruisers, 60′s muscle cars, Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros and many more rev their way in front of 1,ooo’s of enthusiasts. This year […]

The Phoneographer Explores: Flying

Flying is something that every lad wants to experience as they are growing up.  We all look to the skies and wonder how fantastic it must be to glide through the skies and decide where we wish to go, having the freedom of an eagle, flying high.                   Got an event coming up?  Want to create a buzz on social media? Hire The Phoneographer to help you. […]

The Phoneographer Explores: #MoJoCon

RTÉ MojoCon in Dublin was the first international conference focusing on mobile journalism, mobile filmmaking and mobile photography. So as a result of that, there is only one medium in which to tell the story of the event, and that is using photographs captured on a Lumia 830, backed up by some quotes from the delegates.      “That rectangular object you cradle so often – in fact, you could well […]

The Phoneographer Explores: ‘Getting Shit Done’ with Eva Fors

Eva fors is quite an inspirational and extraordinary woman.  Having spent the past 20 years at the decision making level at Microsoft Sweden, it is fair to say that what Eva doesn’t know about getting things done, is not worth knowing. Listening to Eva as she gave the packed room some advice on “getting shit done” was a real insight into what is required to become more efficient and effective in our […]

The Phoneographer Explores: The last days of Swedish winter

Summer in Sweden is a magical time, when the people who live here come alive and make the most of what nature throws at them… and thrive within it.         Got an event coming up?  Want to create a buzz on social media? Hire The Phoneographer to help you. Get in touch. 

The #nbanFamily light up phones around the globe

Nothing looks as good as a good screen saver on a phone, especially when it is your own or someone from within the #nbanFamily.  So, we are very privileged to be in a position where we can utilise the skills of some amazing people from within the group to create apps like this. So, with that, here are some of the great screenshots that I captured on my Lumia 1520 […]

The Phoneographer Explores: London

London is the centre of the world, in many ways, and as one of the world’s most visited cities, London has something for everyone: from history to night clubs, street art to architecture. What happens in London today reverberates around the world tomorrow.  So, armed with a new Lumia 735, I set off into the streets with this new device to see what I could find, and I wasn’t left […]