I have been traveling around the world since May 2007 using only a mobile phone to meet all my requirements, from Camera to Email to Alarm Clock!

As mobile phones today are now incomparable to the devices that were around four years ago, I have now gone back on the road with a Nokia Lumia 920 and a Nokia PureView 808 to collate further images and experiences for my book and exhibition.

I use the functionality of the phones to allow the world to follow my every move as I travel.

The plan is to have a fully interactive journey where people from around the world can follow my journey online via Facebook, Twitter, etc as I utilise the functionality of the mobile phone to interact with the watching world on places of interest, to-do’s and whatever else the phone and its Apps allows me to do!

I will continue to post pictures, videos, Tweets, status updates, current location, must-see’s and, of course, asking for help as I make my way around the world.

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Trips completed so far using Nothing But A Nokia:

– Lima, Peru – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

– Skeleton Coast, Namibia – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

– New York – Los Angeles, via Texas.

– Narvik, Norway – Beijing, China.

– Pacific Coast Highway.

– Santiago, Chile – Antarctica.

– Mexico City – Lima, Peru.

– Africa: Cape Town, South Africa – Kigali, Rwanda.

– London, England – Sydney, Australia.

– Australia: Darwin – Adelaide.

– Australia: Perth – Broome.

– Australia: Melbourne – Cape Tribulation.

– Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

– Narvik, Norway – Stockholm, Sweden.

– Cancun, Mexico – Panama City, Panama

– Arctic – Equator

– Toronto – Vancouver, Canada

– Icelandic Ring Road

– Stockholm, Sweden – Lake Garda, Italy

– Cancun – Panama City

Nokia devices used on these journeys to date

– N95
– N95 8G
– X6
– N8
– PureView 808
– Lumia 800
– Lumia 920
– Lumia 925
– Lumia 1020

I, as well as the many contributors to this open group look forward to reading your posts and admiring the pictures that you take on your Nokia… where ever you live in the world.

Life is: short! Lets enjoy it!

To read about the journeys I have been on and see my phoneographs taken on Nokia devices check out my new book ‘Life is’


The Backpacker who sold his Supercar


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