Apps of the week: Windows Phone

So long, January! We’ve had a fine time – you’ve brought us zombie games, Martian shoot-‘em-ups, first aid, banking and workout apps and more.

We’re pretty psyched at what the rest of 2014 is going to bring, so kick to start the new month we’ve been busy immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of Windows Phone apps. Here, to wrap up this very cold month, are our top five new and updated apps from the past seven days. Are you ready?

Weather+ Beta

What is it? A weather app

Why we love it: The latest version of this app (1.3) has tweaked the app a bit – it’s not substantially different to what came before, but we wanted to bump it up because we think it’s amazing. Ten whole days of in-depth info (not just vague headlines) and a live radar (if you’re based in Europe or the USA) make this probably the most detailed weather application you’re going to get for your phone. If you pay for the full version you’ll get notifications and more theme options.

Who it’s perfect for: weather-aware folk


By the legendary Joel Williams.

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