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Stockholm Insights: For Reds, By Reds.

“…there’ll be thousands of Reds, we will be pissed out our heads, ’cause United are going to Stockholm.”

That’s how the famous chant has been going since we dreamed of winning a European Cup in Glasgow in 2002. The big difference between then and now is that Manchester United are now in the final of a European competition, we once considered to be reserved for smaller clubs like Fulham and Liverpool.

The Phoneographer Explores: One day in Stockholm at Spring

  This day last year, myself and my wife went for a walk around the island of Kungsholmen, in Stockholm, as it really felt like the first day of spring. When I look out my window today, I can see that spring will be here a few days later this year, but it is certainly on its way.  Here’s to a beautiful spring time and a wonderful year in general. […]

The #nbanFamily light up phones around the globe

Nothing looks as good as a good screen saver on a phone, especially when it is your own or someone from within the #nbanFamily.  So, we are very privileged to be in a position where we can utilise the skills of some amazing people from within the group to create apps like this. So, with that, here are some of the great screenshots that I captured on my Lumia 1520 […]

The Phoneographer Explores: London

London is the centre of the world, in many ways, and as one of the world’s most visited cities, London has something for everyone: from history to night clubs, street art to architecture. What happens in London today reverberates around the world tomorrow.  So, armed with a new Lumia 735, I set off into the streets with this new device to see what I could find, and I wasn’t left […]

The Phoneographer Explores: Selfies

In the run up to Christmas a simple project that I began in 2010 managed to catch the attention of the media, from New York to New Zealand. It was a simple experiment that I started in Gothenburg, Sweden as I attempted to travel by train from the Arctic to the Equator (Narvik, Norway to Singapore).  The objective was to talk a photo of myself each day at 3pm with the background […]

The Phoneographer Explores: Majorca

Majorca, or Mallorca is the largest island of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.   The Balearic Islands have been an autonomous region of Spain since 1983, with the capital of the island, Palma, being the capital of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands.   All phoneographs captured on a Nokia Lumia 1020, using my 1MinutePhoto technique.                                 Got an event coming up?  Want to create a buzz on social media? […]

The Phoneographer Explores: Beach Rugby

Beach rugby is a sport that can be based on either of the rugby codes, union or league as, unlike beach football or beach volleyball, there  is no centralised regulation of the sport. Leagues are common across Australia, South Africa and Europe, but I found it quite bizarre that the sport was particularly popular in the Spanish island of Majorca – not exactly a traditional Rugby stronghold. Casual games are played across the world […]

The Phoneographer Explores: Astra Handball

A sport that has seen its popularity rise in Ireland, is Handball (also known as team handball, Olympic handball, European team handball, European handball, or Borden ball).  It is very different from Gaelic Handball, which is the most widely played version of the sport in Ireland, as for starters it is a team sport.  In this fast paced game, two teams of seven players each (six outfield players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball amongst themselves with the objective […]

The Phoneographer Explores: #MoreLumia Berlin

Today, not only did Nokia announce the Lumia 830, Lumia 730 Dual SIM and Lumia 735, but they introduced some wonderful new accessories and also proudly announced the latest update, named Lumia Denim. Forming a rich tapestry of functionality and tightly woven features, the Lumia Denim Update combines new enhancements from the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, with exclusive experiences for Lumia smartphones. Here are some photos from this […]

The Phoneographer Explores: #WomenOnAir

Today I was honoured to attend the Women on Air conference at Dublin Castle to capture the event using a fantastic Nokia Lumia 1020.  Women from the world of media, business, politics and tech got together to ask.. “Do we need a more expert women’s voices in the media?” and “Who is shaping our view of the world?”                                  High profile speakers included: Pat Rabbitte TD, Minister […]