How Nokia Connects with its amazing community

Human beings define themselves in all kinds of interesting ways, but one is by the technology that they own and love.

Here at Nokia Conversations, we see this every single day by the amazing ways individuals and entire communities use our smartphones. Whether it’s bloggers analysing our latest Lumia, photographers developing new genres of photography or freerunners videoing their newest moves, one thing that unites them all is their love of Nokia. It’s this passion, which has powered our Nokia Connects programme and been the driving force behind it getting bigger and better.

Now in its eighth year, Connects have given countless people their first taste of our tech, showcased thousands of stunning stories and celebrated our fantastic community of Nokia advocates in a myriad of different ways. With the program now more popular than ever, we thought it was time to hook up with the woman at the helm and discover more about Connects’s past, present and future.

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