#nbanMeetUp: Chennai, India

I am proud to announce that the #nbanFamily has had it first meet-up.  This happened in Chennai, India when four very popular members organised to meet up in person, to discuss all things Nokia and #nban.  I will let the legendary Karthikeyan take on the story from here:


“Time and again, random NBANers will post in the wall or will express their wish in the comments to meet fellow NBANers. I too had the same wish deep in my heart. But things like travelling expense etc. didn’t make it practical for all the NBANers to meet up in a place. You know, we all have to get a passport, Visa, plane ticket, and all the other expenses that one will come across during international travels.


But one fine day, Vaaji gave me a call. He proposed that NBANers from Chennai should meet up, and I was like “Yeah, why didn’t I think of this before? One can’t travel outta the country, but can always travel within their own city” and I said yes, whole-heartedly. We decided a place, Madras University, and its also where the young guy Vaaji is doing his PG.  Harish was kind enough to come there from the neighbouring city Pondicherry to our Chennai.


I ended up late due to undisclosed reasons (the things you have to sacrifice and hide, when you work as the head of secret service.. sigh), they three (Vaaji, Harish and Muthu) have already met and have taken a couple of shots by the time I reached there. Then, I too joined the fun, we didn’t introduced ourselves, no small talks and such BS. We smiled and we moved along to another place to capture, that is it. The reason for that, is that we already knew each other very well. NBAN made us a family.


Soon Muthu had to leave as he was already spent two hours and he had to work. He had to go and he left in his bike, like Tom Cruise rides at the end of the Knight and Day. We then moved along to the Marina Beach nearby, where we continued taking snaps. We were talking all along. It was fun, it was new to me. And felt great to finally get to meet these awesome guys!


We had an ice cream and talks about Lukas came to the discussion. We spoke about Anthony and Pennie too, we spoke about a lot of stuff that I can’t recollect now. But I know one thing, it was a calm, cool and laid back discussion. Like best buddies talking about random stuffs, sitting in a bar with a beer in their hands.


We finally bid good-bye, with a promise that we should meet again in time to come.  I sure do hope that we will. Waiting for that to happen, for history to repeat. It’s something that I would cherish forever, in my heart, with love and respect. Thanks Vaaji, for initiating this – you made this happen. I guess NBANers all over the world should meet up their fellow NBANers in their vicinity too. NBAN, has given us a lot! #GoNBAN.”




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