The Phoneographer Explores: U Magazine ‎HighStreetStyleAwards‬

Friday 10 October 2014 – the date that I attended my first ever fashion award show. My feeling this morning is that I hope that it won’t be my last. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I can’t wait for the next one.

I will openly admit that when I received the invites to attend the U Magazine event at Lillie’s Bordello I was not overly enthusiastic. However, as a ‘newly wed’ I don’t ever want to be one of those husbands that has to be ‘dragged’ along to social events by my wife.

I want make a conscious effort to enjoy the things that my wife enjoys, and following look of excitement on her face when I mentioned the invite to her, I just knew that this was one of those events that I had to attend with her.

I’m not that much into fashion, as people who know me well will attest, but what I do love is people. This was what made it such a great night – it was a great ‘people event’. I met many really fascinating and inspirational people with a really unique world-view.

These people have their own mind, their own approach to life and of course they look great and wear it well. Fashionista’s rock!

Who wouldn’t want to spend more time around these kind people when they are out celebrating a great year? I know that I do!

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At the business end of the night, the awards for the year seemed as if they were fairly distributed. Despite my limited knowledge of the industry, I would say that everyone that received one of those really cool awards was a deserving winner.

But what really impressed me was how excited and happy each winner was. They were genuinely delighted with themselves – which was great to see and brought a big smile to my face.

So with that, all I have left to say is well done and thank you to all the lovely people at U Magazine for all your hard work in making this such a great night. You will be hearing from me soon. Only 364 days to the next one…


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