The Phoneographer Explores: London

London is the centre of the world, in many ways, and as one of the world’s most visited cities, London has something for everyone: from history to night clubs, street art to architecture.

What happens in London today reverberates around the world tomorrow.  So, armed with a new Lumia 735, I set off into the streets with this new device to see what I could find, and I wasn’t left disappointed:


All phoneographs captured on a Nokia Lumia 735, using my 1MinutePhoto technique.
Fantasia Painting(1) (2) WP_20141109_15_29_38_Pro WP_20141109_13_00_01_Pro (2) WP_20141122_15_30_00_Pro WP_20141103_14_37_34_Pro WP_20141122_16_06_14_Pro (2) WP_20141122_15_53_10_Pro WP_20141122_15_42_02_Pro WP_20141108_16_47_30_Pro WP_20141108_18_01_22_Pro WP_20141108_16_56_27_Pro (2) WP_20141108_16_55_36_Pro WP_20141108_16_51_03_Pro WP_20141108_18_32_58_Pro (3) WP_20141109_12_47_27_Pro (2) WP_20141109_13_45_50_Pro (2) Fantasia Painting(2) (2) WP_20141108_18_24_08_Pro (3) WP_20141108_18_11_13_Pro (2)

… actually two of these phoneographs where captured in Belfast, but they fit with the other Lumia 735 images so I shall leave them there… for the craic.


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