The Phoneographer Explores: #LumiaLive Dublin

The Lumia Live Sessions is a tour that sees Nokia and music pioneers La Blogotheque, a team of bloggers and videographers famous for helping to kick-start the careers of scores of musicians globally, team up to showcase hot new talent at a series of free gigs in unusual settings across the UK and Ireland. This event will mark the the second time La Blogotheque has worked in Ireland, creating an intimate and rare music session, following on from the Kodaline event, who headlined the fifth Nokia Lumia Live Session in Dublin on Wednesday, 17th July, 2013.

Dublin’s second Lumia Live Session featured Ireland’s own folk-indie group of the moment, Little Green Cars, who played to an invite-only crowd, within the distinctive surroundings of The Baroque Chapel of IMMA (the Irish Museum of Modern Art), which is consistent with the objective of bringing emerging artists to unusual locations whilst giving fans unique live experiences.

The support act for the evening was none less than I Have A Tribe, who opened the session quietly, but closed it to a roaring applause.

Together with La Blogotheque, the Lumia Live Sessions are a celebration of Microsoft’s love of music discovery, bringing to life the essence of its free music streaming service, MixRadio. Voted the number one number one music streaming service for commuters, MixRadio, available on all Lumia smartphones, offers offline capabilities ensuring listeners their favourite music for free, even without signal or WiFi – A service that I make use of as much as possible.

I went behind the scenes, of this event which is set to be one of the highlights in Ireland’s music calendar this summer, with my Nokia Lumia 1020, and this is what I captured:


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