The Phoneographer Explores: Measurement Conference

I recently attended the Measurement Conference in association with at the fabulous Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

As I had never attended any of Damien Mulley’s very popular and highly regarded events, I jumped on the chance to attend this one when I learned that it had people of the calibre of Barry Hand and James Whatley talking.

In addition, it was being hosted by the fantastic Rick O’Shea, who, it turns out, is even cooler in person than he is on the radio.

I suppose the best compliment that I can pay this event is that I was so captivated by the information being dispersed that I hardly had the chance to take any decent photos.  What follows is a selection of the very few images that I managed to capture on my Nokia Lumia 930 throughout the full day event:

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To check out the events of the day, please check out #BreakingNewsConf on twitter

WP_20140910_13_21_12_Pro20140910132221 Fantasia Painting(33)20140910164151WP_20140910_15_42_51_Pro WP_20140910_14_05_15_Pro20140910140612 Fantasia Painting(32) WP_20140910_14_16_19_Pro20140910141742 Fantasia Painting(32)20140910151739

Talking at the event:

Dena Walker – “Why the f**k is my business on Facebook?”

Matthew Mooney – Analytics perspectives from the agency side

Beth Granter – Social media tools for audience insight

James Whatley – Twitter Cards

Karl Parkinson – Poet

Paul Buckley – Aer Lingus and Social Media

Mat Morrison – Sentiment Analysis is Shite

Shane Mc Allister – Mobile – “Total Retail – This time it’s personal!

Barry HandRethinking Digital Measurement

Rick O’Shea – Host and Chocolate Distributor


For future measurement events, keep an eye on the website or follow Damien Mulley.


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