The Phoneographer Explores: #MoJoCon

RTÉ MojoCon in Dublin was the first international conference focusing on mobile journalism, mobile filmmaking and mobile photography.

So as a result of that, there is only one medium in which to tell the story of the event, and that is using photographs captured on a Lumia 830, backed up by some quotes from the delegates.

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“That rectangular object you cradle so often – in fact, you could well be holding it right now – has helped to transform the output of not just the BBC but of most broadcasters globally. This transformation has not happened simply thanks to their employees; the smartphone revolution has seen an explosion of “user generated content” also known as eye-witness media, with footage either sent by members of the public to broadcasters or accessed from social media by broadcasters.” – Marc Settle, BBC College of Journalism.

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“It is easy to work in a bubble, especially when what you are doing is new and innovative.  That is why it was so refreshing to meet people from all corners of the earth who are passionate about creating content on their mobile devices.  While some countries were better represented than others, this is clearly now a global movement.”Mark Egan

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“With our mobile phones generating an infinite sea of images, photography is at the centre of a global shift toward the visual that is reshaping the way we interact with one another.  And as this reshaping and restructure of our culture emerges, there is a huge shift towards the visual; a new language is evolving – the language of pictures – and as consumers, practitioners, educators, communicators, artists and journalists we have a responsibility to master this craft in order to communicate our ideas and tell ours and others stories in the best way we can.” – Nicki Fitz-Gerald

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The future is mobile, the future is now.


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