The Phoneographer Explores: Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi

A true architectural triumph, this iconic five star hotel is the only hotel in the world to straddle an F1 race track being breathtakingly built half on land and half over water.

The hotel’s main feature is its unique ‘grid shell’ – a 219 metre expanse of sweeping curvilinear glass and steel covering that drapes over the two hotel towers, linked by a bridge that crosses the F1 circuit.

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The ‘grid shell’ features a lighting system incorporating video feeds that are transmitted over 5,096 diamond shaped, colour changing glass panels. The optical effect is stunning, reflecting thousands of coloured lights against the surrounding sky, sea and desert landscape.

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The connection between elegance and adventure is combined with 5 star hospitality of the like I have never experienced before, with the design and inspired by high performance cars, luxury yachts and the F1 race track.

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Of course, the weather outside is always fantastic also.

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All photos captured using Nokia Lumia 1020 WindowsPhone


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