Top facts on how Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 protects your data

Your Nokia Lumia is precious to you, as is the data stored onboard. That’s why Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 have a number of solutions in place to keep it safe. Check out how Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 protects your data.

It’s thought there are an estimated 1.8 billion smartphones in the world today and that number is growing every day. What’s more, it’s estimated that over 700,000 malicious apps lurk in the shady corners of dozens of app stores. These range from Trojans to viruses and can play havoc with your phone and the valuable data you store on it.

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Unlike some others, Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 provides robust protection against such attacks as all apps are installed from one trusted location – the Windows Phone Store.

Another smart feature is the phone’s browser capability to warn you against entering possibly harmful websites.

Out of the 1.8 billion smartphones, it’s estimated that 30,000 smartphones are either lost or stolen daily in the US alone – that’s 3.5 phones every second. The most common places to lose your phone are grocery stores, offices, cafes and taxis.

In the event you should lose your Nokia Lumia there are several features that will help protect your data. You can set a passcode to prevent unauthorised access and use, you should backup all your precious data to SkyDrive and you can easily lock and wipe remotely your lost or stolen phone.

If that’s not enough, then Nokia has released this video together as a handy checklist for protecting your privacy and data on Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8.

Be wise and protect your precious data on your Nokia Lumia smartphone with trusted apps from Windows Phone.


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