The Phoneographer Explores: #WomenOnAir

Today I was honoured to attend the Women on Air conference at Dublin Castle to capture the event using a fantastic Nokia Lumia 1020.  Women from the world of media, business, politics and tech got together to ask.. “Do we need a more expert women’s voices in the media?” and “Who is shaping our view of the world?”

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High profile speakers included:

Pat Rabbitte TD, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources;
Áine Lawlor, RTE;
Ursula Halligan, TV3;
Maggie O’Kane, the Guardian;
Sam Smyth, journalist and broadcaster;
Una Mullally, journalist and broadcaster;
Katie Orenstein, Op ED Project, New York;
Audrey Carville RTE;
Anne O’Dea, CEO;
Niamh Gallgher/Michelle O’Donnell Keating, founders Women For Election;
Úna ní Raifeartaigh SC in the Anglo Case for the DPP;
Celene Craig, Deputy CEO, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

… and of course many other fantastic and inspiring women.

It was a fantastic event, as the images have shown.


All images captured and edited on Nokia Lumia 1020


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